Typewriter Addicts Rehab Center

   Every person has some sort of obsession, and I’m obsessed with typewriters. For about twelve years I can’t help myself but to go to every flea market possible and look for them. I’ve learned how to write with them and how to fix them and maintain them and recently I also learned how to be proud of this obsession. My first typewriter was a Hermes Baby I used to write on during my army service in a creepy isolated army base in the desert somewhere in nowhere between Israel and Egypt. Since then I purchased about 30 typewriters mostly because I couldn’t resist it. Since I couldn’t take care of all of them I started to find new homes for them, and I’m probably one of the world’s most successful typewriter – writer matchmakers (or maybe I’m just the only one). I don’t do it for money, sometimes I give them as gifts and sometimes I sell them for what I paid for them. Every typewriter is different, either its font or mechanical abilities (or for the lack of mechanical abilities). I don’t have images of all of the typewriters I helped to bring to life again but for now I’ll just post here some of the stories of my favorite typewriters.  I hope you’ll enjoy and if you see one day a lonely typewriter standing in a sad booth in a cold flea market, remember : somewhere there’s a writer who she can make very happy.





wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140814202157059.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140814202611135_20140816152022948.jpg wpid-p_20140630_143049.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140815150241204.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140815151257159.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140815151038643.jpg wpid-20140721_210719.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140815151919713.jpg wpid-20140802_00002_003_20140802204111109.jpg families wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140814210509949.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140814174121656_20140815152552900_20140816151920075.jpg


From “זרים” – Strangers or Bouquets, an art performance in which I helped strangers to write letters to whoever they wanted. I offered listening, water, envelope and a stamp to about 150 participants.



wpid-20140626_00002_001_20140626215501081_20140626231502715_20140627132556403_20140628103528195.jpg wpid-20140626_00002_001_20140626215501081_20140626231602749_20140627122743500_20140628121337504_20140630155628465_20140701122249942_20140702221619208.jpg wpid-20140626_00002_001_20140626215501081_20140627115851427_20140630111941183_20140630112750515_20140630115441723_20140630150330787.jpg wpid-the_magic_bagel_cover_3_20140625111239385_20140702224044863_20140704134658961.jpg wpid-20140626_00002_001_20140626215501081_20140628121529044.jpg

“The Magic Bagel”, a children’s story typed solely on a typewriter





Olympia typewriter found in Goodwill


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